Thursday, July 2, 2009


I had been avoiding the Facebook phenomenon up until recently. I finally broke down and signed up in June just to see what all the fuss was about. I had mistakenly assumed it was very similar to Well, it may be in some respects, but it sure does look a lot cleaner than any of the MySpace pages I had seen in the past.

Once someone asked me to be a "Friend," I finally learned at least some of what makes Facebook so great. First, this blog deals with the Class of '79 and Facebook does a wonderful job of grouping all of us class members together. There are about 100 of us on Facebook already. That's pretty good for our generation, I think. (I bet that the SRVHS Class of 2009 probably has more like 95% of its students on Facebook.)

Anyway, there is even a SR '78/'79 Reunion group on Facebook, where I learned that, at least as of Claudia M-G's March 2009 posting, the reunion is scheduled for October 24, 2009. But, if that's true, it needs to be better publicized than it has been! Post it at Announce it in banner headlines at the Reunion Group Facebook page.

As for my facebook page -- you can find me by clicking John B. Ramsey's Facebook Page.

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