Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Bowl two days away

It was tough, but I have agin resisted the very strong temptation to fly out to the Bay Area for Thaksgiving. As I wrote earlier, the usual way it works is if you don't buy your plane tickets by early September, the only decent fares are all gone. Well, this year turned out to be the opposite. In September, fares were horrible and flight selection was worse. But then the economy sunk and gas prices sunk lower than ever. I could have been on a flight with 48 hours advance purchase for $109 each way, non-stop, coast-to-coast. I saw that fare Saturday morning and considered it. I love the Turkey Bowl. The players have changed and the majority are no longer the same old friends from San Ramon High that played for so many years. But Bob and Rick Riley are always there. Brian Robinson as well. Plus, we get visits from Scott Bisson and Jud Drennan in most years. So, it is something I will miss greatly. I hope that the players that show up have a great and safe time.

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