Friday, November 14, 2008

Reunion update

I got an email from Jay Briggs and Jim Robison.  It looks like they are working hard to get out the word about the reunion.  Jim did a great job in 1998-99 creating the 20 Year Reunion Committee website which had a form for class members to update their address information as well as attempt to reach out to "missing" alumni.  This time, they were comparing the websites and and came to the conclusion that Classmates would be better for us because they have so many more members from our class.  I used them in 2004 to send out announcements for the 2004 reunion which was only announced about six weeks before the event. I think almost everybody knows as a site to check when you're wondering about a potential reunion.

Jim also let me know that the new location of the website:
is not showing up in Google.  This surprised me as it WAS there last week, alongside the now defunct listing for the site.  Perhaps the Googlebot saw it as a duplicate site and not a replacement and removed it from its listings.  Hopefully, I can get it back up there so it's easy to find for everybody.  I'm working with Google sitemaps and trying to figure out how to properly upload those things.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the website is in Google again. Good. I don't see the extinct/defunct address listed any more. So, if folks want to find it, they should be able to once again.