Thursday, January 14, 2010


As usually happens after reunions, the website postings and in this case, the blog postings diminish substantially. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years have all occurred since the reunion. Regular life happens, of course.

We had a big snowstorm in Maryland in December. More snow than we've seen in at least seven years and the most snow ever for a December snowfall.

Oh, here's an SR tidbit I've learned. Do you remember the San Ramon High "Walk of Fame", officially called the Gary Leith Memorial walkway? It was on Front Street in front of the Shoe Stable in the 60's and 70's and created to honor the most outstanding student in each graduating class of San Ramon High School. For 1979, it was Bill MacDonald; 1978 - Jim Anklam; 1980 - Paulette Ditzler. The Shoe Stable moved and the old property and street were remodeled and the walkway was eventually moved to a spot on campus near the school's theater. According to Class of '79 classmate, Melinda May Malin, John's daughter, the school no longer recognizes honorees because everybody is above average these days, much like Garrison Keilor's Lake Wobegon.

I saw the walkway while in town for the reunion. It's not looking too good and I couldn't find Bill's footprints, but at least it's there. They aren't in chronological order, but I did see prints from the 1990's, so it did continue for a while after our years at SR.

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