Wednesday, November 11, 2009

1977 El Lobo Yearbook

My original purpose for creating a Class of '79 website eleven years ago was to post old high school photos in case we might have misplaced or lost our El Lobo '79 yearbooks. Maybe we'd see a photo of someone and say, "Hey, I remember him. I hope he'll be at the 20 Year Reunion!"

I never owned a '77 El Lobo, but at the reunion, Bob and Rick Riley loaned me theirs so I could scan the yearbook and post some of it online. I really enjoyed this yearbook. We were Sophomores that year, and were beginning to gain confidence. We were hopefully getting taller and no longer looked so much like little kids.

It was great to see these old photos because, unlike the Senior pictures where we were all dressed up, in the '77 yearbook we were dressed in our regular '70s clothes.

But take a look at these 34 pages which I have uploaded -- 10 pages of Sophomore class portraits and 24 other pages. Lots more material to scan and post, but this is the stuff I wanted online first.


John B. Ramsey said...

It took me three plus years to get around to it, but I finally have scanned the entire 1977 yearbook and have posted all of the images at my SmugMug account.

John B. Ramsey said...
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