Saturday, October 25, 2008

Working on the website

Given that the SR '79 website is almost 10 years old, it goes without saying that the page is looking a little tired.  Whatever HTML skills I have were all learned on the fly in 1998 and 1999.  Sadly, I've not done a whole lot more with websites since then.  Mostly just using templates.  But I have Dreamweaver, a web authoring application, so I've been trying to clean up the old web page a bit, as I prepare it for its new home over at

I only created the page in the first place back in '98 to post all of our high school senior portraits from the yearbook online, since I thought a  lot of us might not have ready access to our yearbooks.  And the web was pretty new and it just seemed that it would be awesome to try to help everyone get psyched to see their old friends from high school.

But I was having fun with the scanner and I found my old Wolf Prints and other such high school memorabilia and just scanned and posted as much as I could. 

One of my favorite aspects of the SR '79 site was the biography page.  It was cool to read about the lives of my classmates.  With the demise of AOL's FTP service, the website will lose the Guestbook function which was what I used to create the Biographies page.  Most of the biographies were written in that first year -- 1999 -- but occasionally someone will drop by and post something from Taipan or some far off place.  Most recently. Spambots ( I guess that's what they are called) had found the site and posted some spam messages that kind of cluttered up the  page a bit.  So, I reluctantly shut that down.  

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