Thursday, October 23, 2008

Welcome to the new SR '79 blog

With the news that AOL would soon be discontinuing their support for member created webpages, I have been working to transition the website to a new address.  Back when I created the site, Bill Clinton had recently been impeached by the House of Representatives  but not yet acquitted by the U.S. Senate.  December 31, 1998.  So, the page lasted 9 years and 10 months at the exact same address.  Shoot, it was only created to help publicize the 20 Year Reunion, held 9 years ago today!  It did it's job, garnering 4,000 hits in its first ten months as we lead up to the 20 year Reunion.  I worked hard at adding content and keeping it fresh that first year.  Since that time, I have allowed the page to remain up and have occasionally added some new content.  By the time AOL shuts the original address down, we'll have gotten over 16,000 visits to the page.

I hope the blog will be a way for communication to take place in a positive manner as we prepare for our 30 Year Reunion!

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