Friday, April 26, 2013

1977 Yearbook

After too many years of procrastination, I finally scanned the entire 1977 El Lobo yearbook this week.  It is now posted at my SmugMug account at


John B. Ramsey said...

397 Sophomores from the Class of '79 had their photos published in the 1977 yearbook. Some members of the Class of '79 did not get their Senior Year photos published in the 1979 yearbook due to a mix-up with the publisher.

John B. Ramsey said...

From the SR '79 Class website regarding the '79 yearbook: "334 photos were available from the yearbook, but 427 alumni were listed at the 20 year reunion's old website. Somehow 93 seniors did not get their photos into the yearbook. "

John B. Ramsey said...

And adding up the number of names on the June 8, 1979 graduation program gives us 373 graduating seniors from San Ramon Valley High School's Class of 1979.

So --
1977 Yearbook - 397 photos.
1979 Yearbook - 334 photos (due to publication problem.)
Graduation Ceremonies - 373 Seniors.
20 Year Reunion Directory - 427 Alumni.

I suppose the 427 figure takes into account students who attended SR as a member of the Class of '79, but either moved away before graduating or simply did not graduate.