Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MobileMe/dotMac Expiration on June 30

As I wrote last Summer in the post, Future location of website, I have to make some domain address changes for my websites.  More than a year ago, Apple announced a move to iCloud as a replacement for MobileMe.  What this means for me is that the iDisk which was used to store my webpages would no longer be available as of June 30, 2012.  For now, it will be Dropbox which will store all my webpages on the Class of 1979, Devil Mountain Run and Rancho Romero Turkey Bowl.  Any address which uses "homepage.mac.com/JohnBRamsey/" should be changed to "dl.dropbox.com/u/36395968/".  Not exactly catchy, huh?  Well, most of the sites have simpler domain links like "1979.SanRamonHigh.com" or "TurkeyBowl.org," or "DevilMountainRun.com." But underneath the simpler domain name was the real address which WAS homepage.mac.com and now will be dropbox.com.

Please let me know if you find any outmoded links that refer to mac.com or aol.com or geocities.com.

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John B. Ramsey said...

One downside of the use of dropbox.com is that Dropbox does not allow search engines to find our sites, even if in the Public folder. Archive.org's Wayback Machine is also precluded from searching and archiving the files. Too bad.