Saturday, March 24, 2012

2012 Devil Mountain Run Canceled

The 10k race that has been held every year in Danville since May 1978 has been canceled.  The charity that has put on the race as a fundraiser for all these years, Children's Hospital in Oakland, simply feels it is no longer an effective means of raising money.  We in the Class of '79 had two opportunities to run it while we were still attending San Ramon High.  I ran both those years (and then for another 32 years, as well!).

It was nice for me to be able to "go back in time" in a sense as I was still doing the same thing I had done all those years ago.  Growing up in Alamo was kind of like growing up in a small town, although it really was just part of the huge San Francisco Bay Area and all the suburbs.  Coming back "home" to do the run gave me the illusion that the "small town" experience still existed in Danville.  

I am hoping that we can keep the race going, but I'm depending on my Danville friends to contact the right people in the community to make that happen.  I've contacted race officials from here in Maryland, but to get the race going again, we'll need a local person to do the hard work of meeting city officials and coordinating with other groups.  And I have my website dedicated to the Devil Mountain Run, which will be hopefully be useful as well.

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