Wednesday, September 23, 2009 Announcements

I used to send out an announcement of the reunion to over 300 Class of 78 and 79 members who have registered there. On Monday, I sent out a followup announcement that the October 1 payment deadline is coming up. But after seeing what sends out, I am dissatisfied and a little embarrassed. I feel like I'm being used to send unsolicited junk mail to hundreds of classmates because, rather than send out a useful announcement, sends out a teaser that forces you to log into to see the message.
Here's a sample:
NEW Announcements

1 announcement with big news:

From Announcement
Jim R. Classmates! Planning For
John R. The 30 Year Reunion Is On

At least is free for most people although I pay a fairly small fee to be able to be a Reunion Organizer. Anyway, if you felt like I had spammed you with the message, I do apologize. I'm just trying to get the word out.

On another note, a fellow Class of '79 member recently contacted me and was puzzled as to why she was not on the list at As I told her, the Class of '79 (nor any other school's class) does not submit a list to Individuals choose to register and sign up for the Classmates services. So far, I do think that is the best of the companies out there simply because they seem to have the highest percentage of alumni registered there. But Facebook might soon catch up with them.

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