Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Reunion Invitations

Last weekend the reunion invitation was e-mailed out along with a four page list of names with unconfirmed addresses from the Classes of '78 and '79. The invitation is posted here. The list of those with unconfirmed addresses (AKA the "Lost Sheep") is on this PDF file here. If you know where some of these people are, please let them know about the reunion. Also, please send the address information to Guy Houston and Claudia Gravelle at SRVHS7879@aol.com .

I was not involved in creating this list of the "missing," and I do not know how it was developed. I have talked with some people who are puzzled as to why they are listed as "lost sheep" when they had submitted address directory information in the past few years. The reunion "staff" is pretty much ad hoc. I try to help out and Claudia and Jay Briggs always are involved as well as others. If mistakes were made, they certainly were unintentional. The goal is always to get everyone in the know as soon as possible! I know that Claudia has already found a lot of people just since this weekend so the mailing has helped to do its job. In addition, the 333 Class of '78 & '79 members registered at Classmates.com were all notified of the reunion in a separate message last weekend.

This year's reunion is only $30 compared to $75 in 2004. It looks to be scaled back to the basics -- Getting together with old friends. The dinner and dancing were nice but most of us just wanted to talk with one another. And the SR football game the night before the reunion makes for another casual way to encounter old classmates without a lot of expense. Obviously, for me, it is a big expense because I fly out from the Washington DC area. Others will also come from afar for the reunion. Did you know we have classmates in Micronesia and Croatia?

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