Monday, June 8, 2009

30 Years Ago Today!

In some ways, I can remember June 8, 1979 like it was just the other day. I recall sitting on the chairs on the football field and then the short walk across the stage to shake Jim Henderson's hand. The All-Nighter in the Small Gym and then one last early morning walk through the campus on the way home. The dozen or so classmates I've been able to keep in close contact with throughout all this time have helped to make those memories a little fresher in my my than they otherwise would have been. Unfortunately, there have been many more dozens whom I have not seen since that night, as we all went our separate ways. And sadder, by far, was the passing of at least a half a dozen of our classmates thus far.

So, to the San Ramon High School Class of 1979 -- Congratulations on the 30th Anniversary of our graduation. (And, on a personal aside, congratulations to my wife and myself on our 24th wedding anniversary which is today as well!)

As for the 30 Year Reunion, I have not heard anything about the plans since last Fall. Anyone know anything?

Your Comments on this 30 Year Anniversary are welcomed!


Scott Shields said...

Hi John. Thanks for the blog and email. It brought back a lot of good memories, but made me feel OLD at the same time. My oldest daughter, Rebecca, is a junior at SRV and graduates in 2010. So, I've seen many of the changes to the campus over the last few years. The large gym was demolished last year due to structural problems and the small gym (where we enjoyed our grad night in 1979) was just torn down last week. I ran into Rick Steen, who retired as head baseball coach at San Ramon a few years back-before coming out of retirement to take the same job at De La Salle, a few months ago at the NCS women's soccer final between San Ramon Valley and Foothill. The lady Wolves won their 4th consecutive NCS title with a stunning upset of undefeated and #1nationally ranked Foothill that night. The win propelled the lady Wolves to #10 in the nation in the season ending rankings. The Wolves mens team was not as fortunate, losing 1-0 to De La Salle (which, incidentally, is now in the EBAL). Hope things are well with others from the Class of 1979 and would look forward to any formal reunions or informal get togethers in town. Keep in touch, Scott Shields.

John B. Ramsey said...


Thanks for leaving the comments and giving us some San Ramon High updates. It is definitely a reality check to see so many of us watch our children graduate from high school. I wonder how many from our class of '79 will see their children also graduate from San Ramon. I know that Bob Riley will eventually have four graduates from SR, and you will have two. I think that's very cool. I hope their SR experience was a good one.